Slowly but surely? No. Just slowly.

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

I’m not very good at getting things done.  Well, let me restate that.  I’m good at getting things done if I don’t stop doing them.  If I stop, it’s sometimes hard for me to get back to it – that’s me…born procrastinator.

Take the upstairs hallway.  I started painting it at the end of the Vacation, but I didn’t finish it.  So, finally, yesterday I got myself to paint for an hour.  And I’ll be trying to do the same tonight.  So, it may take me a week or so to finish (I just have a first coat on about half the hallway now), I just need to keep at it.  Or it will sit for another month (or more) before it’s done.

Why do I do this?  Don’t know.  I guess other things just seem more important sometimes.

Well, I did finish painting the office and the spare room…so there!

Here’s what I did yesterday – the very back two panels of blue:


Here’s what’s done with a first coat:


And here’s some of what’s left (there’s a bit around the corner you can’t see here too)


And now, entities who would rather I NOT be painting.  Because, you know, they are cats.  And cats must be paid attention to.







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  1. Why is Jasper standing on his hind legs ? – no, never mind. He’s a cat. 🙂
    Em … I hardly know how to ask this, but … why is that end door several inches off the floor ???

    • Ah yes, the door to nowhere. Well, I confess I don’t know for sure why it is so high up, although my suspicion is that it replaced a window. The door itself was added when the house became a care home back in the early 1960s – it led to the fire escape (which is gone now). Now the door opens to the roof of the back part of the main floor of the house. We have it strapped shut so it can’t be opened easily, and are thinking of putting glass in the upper half of it and deadbolting it shut so it becomes a window. It would really help the hallway since it’s pretty dark in there… And that will be a before and after for another day (if it ever happens.)

      • It’ll happen. You two would never put so much moolah and sweat into doing up your house without making sure EVERYTHING makes sense …

  2. I was going to ask the same….mol =^,,^=

    • See above. It’s another one of those quirks that came with the house (the ENDLESS quirks!)

      • Our house came with quirks too…just the other day we needed to turn the power off to the dishwasher, but the circuit for that also turned off the bedroom lights on the other side of the house while the kitchen lights and other appliances all stayed on. My humans also recently became empty nesters and now have a couple of bedrooms to add to their home renos list along with the backyard pond that started 11 years ago. Yup procrastination is alive and well in this household too, but then again, we’re boaters not landlubbers. Love how your kitties match the carpet.

    • Okay, Pawcific–I guess you’ve heard that curiosity killed the cat? Better leave the questions to the humans.

  3. And up on a platform as well, by the looks of it. Okay. Another mystery. Now I’ll never sleep tonight!

  4. Well, slow and steady is another saying. I guess as long as it gets done eventually. I’m distracted by the beauty of the kitties lol.

  5. Congrats on all the painting you’ve finished! Been there, done that–and, oh, those second coats…

  6. I got here by way of the daily post and I love your site. I am a newbie as in brand new and I want to thank you for reading post “Lean to Fly” on my Baseball Cards site which is really bland because I don’t know what I am doing which makes me even more grateful to find your blog as you obviously do know what you are doing. WordPress is surpassed in my amazement only by the bloggers, like yourself, and again I hope we read each other in the future. I am always open to critique and constructive criticism too

    • Hi! I don’t know what I’m doing either. I just keep doing it… Thanks for the visit and the follow!! I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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