Is it Friday yet?

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Seriously.  I’ve been thinking it’s a day later than it is for most of the week.  And there are still 2 very jam-packed days to go.   I literally have no more room in my days today or tomorrow for anyone else to see me.   I am SO glad there’s a long weekend coming up!

I was shocked to find out that the painters had been back yesterday in spite of the rain.  They did some second coats on things, and painted the deck door.  They are hoping (finally) to finish up over the weekend.  No more contractors at our house for awhile please!

Sept22015a Sept22015b

And now, Elliot…






…and Jasper.




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  1. The doors are beautiful and the combination of all the colors are spectacular. Excellent painters you have. Great job.

  2. Does this mean that soon we’ll have the entire retrospective, Em …?
    The boys are lookin good – but then … 🙂

  3. Elliot and Jasper look very happy too!

  4. I know how good it feels to have those projects done!

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