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A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Another walk at work yesterday.  I was at the Interurban campus for the day, which meant I could walk up my favourite hill.  I haven’t done that walk in awhile, but it was lovely as usual, if looking very dry.  Except for the blackberries.  For some reason, this year they are looking good (last year they were all dried up).  They were still not ripe enough to much on during the walk, but soon…

I don’t know that you really needed a sign to tell people not to park there…the pile of wood probably would suffice.


Love this tree


Here are the blackberries – they were everywhere!


Random fuzzy caterpillar crossing the road.


I always mean to take a picture of this, but keep forgetting.  Until now.


I have no idea what this is, but I felt like I was suddenly in The Hobbit.

August262015j August262015k

And now…Jasper!

August262015a August262015b

And Elliot.

August262015c August262015d

I’ll try to get some pictures of Nicholas soon.  I think he’s beginning to feel left out.

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  1. I so cracked up at that sign. And jasper is gorgeous!

  2. About the sign: might be some persistent neighborhood indeed. 🙂

  3. Love that first shot, Em; but I suggest it could be the result of someone’s refusing to accept the directive. [grin]
    Could all that stuff be tent caterpillars ? Whose nose ?!
    Nicholas’ nose must long since have been out of joint, what with those gorgeous breed animals swanning about. So yes, do yer best to lure him out for a studio shoot.

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