Send in the clowns…

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Yesterday was a typical Saturday for me.  Lazy and no real “accomplishments” to speak of.  We did, however, head up the peninsula to Peninsula Nursery (, a nursery that specialize in bamboo and Japanese maples, as well as a variety of shrubs and trees, ferns and hostas.  We are just starting to think of ideas for the front yard, now that it’s a blank slate, as you will see once I post the final pictures of the house as painted.

Here are some of the sights from Peninsula nursery – it’s not a big place, but it’s packed with wonderful things.









We also stopped in Brentwood Bay on our way home at a place called Carnivore (  Yes, it’s a butcher that sources local (VERY local) meats, and makes its own sausages (many, many flavours of chicken, pork, and beef sausages!)  We picked up dinner for a few nights while there.  I heard of Carnivore from my colleagues and friend Susan and Jen who live up in north Saanich, so visit there on a regular basis.  For us, it’s out of the way, but easy to stop at on our way home when we are up that way!

We also stopped at a farmer’s stand on the way home for some local (and very yummy) corn.

Once home, it was putting a new tarp on the roof of our garage-like structure (long story), watering the garden, and then making supper.  Sausages and corn…yum!

To end the post du jour, of course, a few kitty pictures. Here is an Elliot series for you.





And finally, something that made me laugh this morning…


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  1. I was looking for the relevance of the Stephen Sondheim reference. Had to wait until the end but it was worth it. 😀

  2. thank you for the laugh! 🙂

  3. Made me laugh, too ! 🙂

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