Friday happy dance

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

It’s Friday, which is reason enough to do a happy dance (although it’s been a good week at work, and I am glad to be back), but today also marks the end of the house painting (well, there will be some touching up on Monday, but today is the final stairs, doors, and final coats of all) as well as new hair.  So, tomorrow will appear a rare “selfie” of the new ‘do for your viewing pleasure.  And, of course, it also marks the fact that I can sleep in for the next 2 days.

So, let’s recap yesterday, except for work.  Work is work, except that I got to hang out at work today with colleague/friends Susan and Jen, whom I haven’t really seen in weeks.  And had lunch with Jen.  And did manage to get some work done as well, so that was all good.

Anyway, got home yesterday, and found this: No scaffolding left on the house!  Yay!


Painter stuff is being slowly wrapped up





I should explain that the water bowl is for JP (our main painter)’s dog Fitz.  He doesn’t help a lot, but he does like to hang out and keep an eye on things.

Then, the bathroom window.  Our carpenter Davyd has not only restored the window itself, refinished the hardware, and made it fit a pretty wonky window space, he has built (from scratch) the frame and the ledge to match the original windows in the rest of the house.  It looks amazing!  now I really have to paint that room!!



I had to water the garden, so decided a few garden pics were in order






These are crocuses.  I didn’t plant them, but they keep coming back in the fall.  I know – it’s still August, but like everything else, they are early…I think winter is coming…


And, of course…




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  1. Congratulations on a wonderful house. I have been following your renovations throughout the week.

  2. That’s a terrific job on your window. And what a blast of color in your garden – I’m surprised you need coffee with those gorgeous colors!

  3. …it really is a treasure of a home

  4. The house is beautiful, the garden is looking so good, as it always does, and the kitties…..cuties, as always. I love how they always look so regal, with their little paws tucked in or standing straight and commanding attention.

  5. Jasper looking like an Egyptian sacred cat, his tail wrapped neatly; Elliott just looking like himself (i.e., beautiful).
    House looking superb !
    Garden looking as if there’s been some heat …?

    • The kitties thank you (well, they say they know they are gorgeous, but I though I should thank you on their behalf). As for heat, not too hot, just very sunny. I am actually looking forward to the rainy season (although I am afraid that once it starts, it may never end…)

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