Lazy Sunday post

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

I need more of these this morning.


But I do have the energy to post pictures of the deck before…



and the deck after the first coat of green has gone on!



And, of course, Jasper…


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  1. The house is looking beautiful. Jasper, or course, goes without saying… Are your neighbors loving all that you are doing with your wonderful home? I would be watching every day!

    • Thanks! The painters tell us that people stop all the time to comment on how great the house is looking. I can’t tell you how happy I am every time I see it, even unfinished with all the scaffolding still in place. I just know when it’s all done and free of the ladders, I am going to burst into tears!

  2. Of course ! – and just as bloody well ! 😀

  3. Looking good!

  4. I love Jasper’s picture. Did you use a special lens? Is he sitting on a tall drum? A very interesting effect.

    • Jasper is just sitting on a stool, and I walked by with my iPhone and took a bunch of shots – and one turned out! I kind of like it too.

      • I love that you can’t really see anything but him..Can’t believe it was just your iPhone. I’ve never really used my camera on my iPhone…I’ll have to try. I forget it has one. Behind the times, no?

      • I’m the opposite. I have a really nice Canon point and shoot, as well as a Canon DSLR, but what I mostly seem to end up using is my iPhone. I guess it’s always what I have with me (maybe too much into the times since I often feel lost without my phone….)

      • I got my first iPhone in May and keep forgetting to take it with me. I also got a new Canon camera that I love. It is always with me…in my purse or wherever I go in my house. It’s small and easy to use and has a 30X digital zoom. I don’t even know what my phone is capable of, but your picture and your words have prodded me to investigate. It is certainly smaller than my camera. Thanks for educating me.

      • It is kind of fun taking pictures with the phone. But I don’t do selfies…never selfies…

      • Me either. Something there is that does not love a selfie–of me!

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