A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Yesterday.  The penultimate day of the Vacation.

I walked…those of you who have followed me for awhile know that there’ no real rhyme or reason for photos I take on a walk – here are things I just felt like taking pictures of yesterday.

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I dug up the second stump (and this morning all the shrub waste was happily hauled away)




And I watched the first coat of the upper story colour going on…





And now it’s time to begin my final day of the Vacation.  On the menu for today:  a walk, lunch, painting a first coat in the upstairs hallway, and assorted odds and ends to get ready for the weekend.  Have a good one!!

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  1. Your walks are certainly more interesting than mine. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your enjoyable walk! Final day of the vacation, time goes too fast. 🙂

  3. I like your house color…and the variety of your pictures..

  4. Happy weekend, Emily. House is looking great!

  5. Love those photos ! – did some beastly child chisel off various letters ? House looking super !

    • Probably – or some beastly adult. The house is getting there – the lower half should be almost done this week so it will be fun posting pictures of the full effect!

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