A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

There are (were) several shrubs in our front yard, kind of taking over and covering everything.  So, we’ve been taking them out in the last few weeks.

Here is one (well, there were two, one in front of the other) in front of the porch


Now here the front one is gone…


Now the back one is gone.  The ugly scraggly stump is from the front one.


And now, after digging and sawing and racheting for over an hour yesterday, here is the stump from that front one.   boo-yah!  Now, if only I could actually lift it and carry it out of the way.  Those stumps are damn heavy!

August42015b   August42015c

Now, two more stumps to go…sigh…

Oh, and I also painted the upstairs hallway ceiling.  Nothing much to show there.  It was white before, and it’s still white now.   There was also a walk, but not many pictures (and the ones I took are still on my camera and not on my computer yet).  Maybe tomorrow…

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  1. Getting out stumps is not for the faint-hearted – ESPECIALLY stumps of many-branched shrubs. Please be careful of your back – regardless of how youthful and fit you may be, ES !!!

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