The spare room

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Still reeling from our sad news from Tuesday, and unable to be my usual sardonic, prompt-avoiding self, I am posting something I had in draft ready for when I was done the spare room (ok, I guess the prompt-avoiding self is still there…).  Now, I still need to touch up a few spots where I got paint on the crown molding, and put furniture back, but essentially it is done.  So, here is the story of the Spare Room.

Normally I would show you “before” pictures of the room from when we first bought the house.  Those of you who have been following me for awhile know that when we bought this house, it had been “empty” for 10 years, but still full of all the furniture from its days as a B&B.  This room was no different.  It had 2 beds and 2 chairs in it and at least one dresser.  The dresser is still in the room (beds and chairs are LONG gone).  Searching through my vast array of pictures, however, I have found no trace of shots of this room from when we purchased the house.  So, I guess we move on to…

After we cleaned out the room…Holes from electricians have been patched, but the old light fixture is still hanging, and windows are in sorry shape.

zfspareroom4 zfspareroom3 zfspareroom2 zfspareroom1


Then we moved into the house, and this room became “the room in which to put things until we had other rooms ready to move those things into”  Jasper wasn’t one of those “things” though.  Jasper just liked to sleep on top of the mattress.

zfspareroom7 zfspareroom6 zfspareroom5

Then we finally set the room up as our spare bedroom.  New light fixture, but wallpaper still riddling the walls.

zfspareroom12 zfspareroom11 zfspareroom10

We also had the windows repaired – they even open now!


Then we had the wallpaper stripping of 3 years.  Well, I won’t show pictures of this.  Suffice it to say that I took my sweet time with taking off the wallpaper.  It’s not like it was hard (not like the master bedroom where the wallpaper was on top of unpainted drywall – yeah, you heard me).  I was just lazy.

Now to present-day.  Here it is all primed.  You’ve already seen the rest of the priming fuss from the past week of posts…

July232015g July232015f July232015e July232015d July232015c

And now, finally, the final product!  I’m overall pretty proud.  It’s like a different room, and I did it all myself (well, the walls anyway…)





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  1. I hope the entire house renos will be made into a special category, at the very least, dear Em ! – at the best, a book !

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