Company and a long walk

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

That about says it all.  Cleaned the house in the morning, a couple of friends came for an overnight visit, we all went for a looooooooong walk and then ate yummy food (cheese followed by BBQ trout and braised greens).

Here were some of the sights along said looooooooong walk.

On the way downtown, I checked out the newly vacant lot where a new development is going in.


There are a couple of old houses they are going to move somewhere else in the neighbourhood.  Here is one of them up on blocks, ready to move.



We wandered around the Inner Harbour, then down Government Street, and then down Bastion Square to Commercial Alley.






After that, we headed down another alley…



…to go pick up soap from our favourite soap place.


Stopping in a tourist store, I noted the sexist display of swiss army knives ALL with male names on them.  Not one female name (except for those male names which are sometimes female).  Not one.


Continuing with the apparent theme of the day, we headed down Trounce Alley



After emerging from Trounce Alley, I looked up and thought, hey, this is a neat looking building. Let’s take a picture of it.


And, back down to the Inner Harbour – here are some flowers I thought were worthy of a picture.



And then, the best busker along the Inner Harbour I have ever seen (or, NOT seen….)


We made a quick stop at Finest At Sea (the fish store) – here is how you don’t get lost walking into the store…

July252015n July252015m

Then, home for groceries and then beer, wine, cheese and BBQ!

I have not pictures of the feast, but I do have a couple of kitty pictures with which to end my post today…

July252015l July252015k

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  1. what a cute and clever way to have people walk into your shop!

  2. You JUST made it, Em … [grin]

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