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A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/revisionist-history/

So, yesterday I promised to let y’all (or is it all y’all?  I’m Canadian, eh…so maybe it’s you’s y’all) know what I did yesterday on the first day of my first full week of staycay.  So, here goes.

In the morning I sat around and waited for the guy with the truck to come and take away Kevin’s old Subaru.  We have upgraded to a VW SportWagon, and he sold the old Sub in a couple of days (much to my relief, seeing as we don’t need 3 cars parked on the street when painting commences on the house – 2 is quite enough).  The Guy did not come until 11:30.  Here he is taking the Sub away, and there is our VW in front…yes, it’s a pretty blue.


So, there was the morning.  Not a complete waste – I read a book, so it was all good.

After lunch, I trundled upstairs to the spare room and finally (it only took me 3 years) finished stripping the wallpaper off the walls.  Now the walls are ready to be washed, and then primed, before painting.  Here is what it looks like now…


See that little patch of green below between the curtains and the picture?  That’s the colour it’s going to be…soon…






After those few hours, I decided to trundle into the basement and do some cleaning.  I don’t like our basement.  No, it isn’t spooky, just full of crap and needing to be gutted.  It could be quite  a nice basement – it’s next on the list after the painting of the house.  Someday…  I didn’t take any pictures.  You don’t need to see that.  There is still much cleaning to be done down there…sigh…

After that, it was into the yard to water and plant a few things that have been sitting patiently waiting to be planted for a few weeks.  I’ll take pics of those later today.

Then, after Kev got home, we dropped the BMW at BMW for service (an airbag recall) and when we got home, I shot this – the sun setting in the haze of smoke from the many forest fires up island.  The sky has been quite spooky the past couple of days.


Then it was chop every veggie in the house up to create a roasted veggie medley for dinner (which was served with BBQ pork because, well, BBQ).

That was my day.  And, of course, no day is complete without a couple of kitty pics.  Stay tuned for more excitement in tomorrow’s post!

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  1. I really like motivation.

  2. I would call that sage green, Em – you reckon ? It looks terrific – lovely choice ! 🙂

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