Butterfly Gardens, Round 3

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And now, for the grand finale of the trip to the Butterfly Gardens:  Butterflies!

Well, first a caterpillar (this was a BIG one)


And then some chrysalides (note that one of them is in the process of opening – I stood there for 20 minutes and then had to move on out of the heat and humidity)

June302015p June302015bb

These guys were still in the chrysalide cage, so they were pretty new.



These are some shots of the feeding table they had set up









According to the Butterfly Gardens Reference Chart, (at least, these are my best guesses from matching on the Chart):

I don’t know what this one is – it doesn’t match any of the ones in the Chart…sigh…


Nor this one – come on now!

BG6  June302015ff

Try to find this one…


Pink Cattleheart


White Tree Nymph


Tailed Jay


Giant Owl Butterfly.  People stand next to these for, well, for minutes waiting for them to open their wings because…

BG45 BG46

They’re BLUE!


Don’t know…


And, finally, the Atlas Moth (in a cage – these are the size of one of my kitties!  Not Dexter, but easily Elliot!)



Sorry there aren’t more pics.  Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of butterflies?? They fly around, you know…

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  1. I am in awe. I call my butterfly photos simply ‘blurry.’ 😀

    • To be fair, the Butterfly Garden does make it a LOT easier to find a few sitting still. I have never been able to catch one in my yard…not even blurry!

  2. Beautiful butterfly photos! Thank you for the info 🙂

  3. You must have a very fast finger on your shutter to get such great shots – I just haven’t managed to get a good ‘blue’ photo of the Giant Owl Butterfly. Like loisajay above, I just end up with blurry pix. Or I get a great shot but an ugly background. I love the maple leaf feeding station of oranges. What a brilliant idea. I’d love to try that in my garden but know I’ll end up with wasps and heaven-knows-what!

    • I don’t know how I got lucky for that shot, even at the Gardens. And yes, the feeding station was great, but I would never dare try that in my own yard!

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