Butterfly Gardens, round 1

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Day 2 of the Vacation.  And, as promised, some pictures from my trek to the Butterfly Gardens.  There will be a couple of days of pics – I have a lot of them, and need to go through them all before posting.  It takes some time (especially since my Photoshop Elements seems very, very slow these days), so be patient!

Anyway, the Butterfly Gardens is an attraction out here up in Saanich, around the corner from Butchart Gardens, which I also should trek out to this summer for pics.

The main attraction at the Butterfly Gardens is….drum roll please…butterflies!  And believe me, they are everywhere!  Flitting around heads, landing on shoulders, scaring the crap out of little kids (there were a lot of little kids at the gardens when I was there – next time I go during off-season).  But, there are also many other kinds of critters.  Yes, today is critters-other-than-butterflies day.

Critters like:

Parrots and iguanas






Other kinds of birds (note that I know there are ducks of some kind in the gardens, but I did not see them on this venture)


Little tiny, eeny weeny frogs – these were REALLY tiny


Flamingos (not the zombie variety) and koi (and turtles – more turtles in a moment)



Turtles and tortoises



Next time:  exotic plants and lush scenery

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  1. Absolutely SUPER, Em ! – I especially love the tortoises on the log with the flamingos ignoring them … 🙂
    (I have been adding to Heather’s site, btw: I had thought/hoped to see you there.

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