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I really am pitiful.  I always have the best intentions to take pictures of exiting things that happen, but yesterday those intentions were not realized because I was having too much fun to remember to take pictures of everything.  I hang my head in shame…

Last night we had our friends Judy and Gord over for dinner on the deck.  It was a yummy affair, starting with cheeses and olives, and then a feast BBQ’d by Kevin (yes, he made EVERYTHING, except the salad, which was just me washing and tearing up pieces of lettuce into really bug chunks…)  Asparagus, potatoes, portabello mushrooms, steak, and spot prawns.  I don’t think I missed anything.  If you close your eyes, you can imagine how yummy everything looked.  And it must have tasted good because there were no leftovers!  But, did I remember to take pics?  No.  I was too busy having fun.

Well, I do have a few pictures of the end of the evening.  After dinner and dessert, we retired to the living room to watch Judy and Gord’s vacation pics and videos on the big TV.  I think it’s very cool that we can sync our mobile devices to a TV and show and play things from the little screen onto the big screen.  Technology:  amazing…when it’s working.

So, here are truffles, my glass of wine, and Judy and Gord wearing 3D glasses for the vacation-photo-viewing experience!




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  1. 3-D home movies?! How cool is that? Yes, more wine, please.

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