Sunday, here I come!

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Glad I’m avoiding this prompt – you really don’t need me to explain the name of my blog, do you?

Anyway, yesterday was Saturday.  I was feeling somewhat better so spent the day doing laundry and not a lot else.  I guess we did test drive a car too.  And we went downtown for supper for Kevin’s birthday.

I had made reservations at Olo (, which used to be Ulla and our favourite restaurant.  We haven’t been back since they changed their name, and some of their style.  They say they want to be more “family style” and less “pretentious”, although I never found them pretentious before.

The decor certainly is more rustic – they have distressed the wood beams (the brick was there before, I think…)


Anyway, the meal was amazing – we both agreed it was the best meal we’ve ever had there.  I think that means we’ll be back.  Kevin is a little more worried that if we go back, they may not live up to last night.  Time will tell (we’ll be back…)

So, we had the family meal (the chef decides what you get – about a 4-course meal for 2, in our case, for a set price).  We had a couple of salads to start (one was the fennel and cucumber salad) and the pork rinds.  Then the smoked salmon (incredible!) and a terrine. Then, octopus and a mushroom salad (both to DIE for!) and finally, pork and an heirloom tomato salad. You can tell how good everything was from the following pictures – taken after I had scarfed everything down.





And, of course, we had some wonderful wine as well




Oh yes, we’ll be back


On the way home, we stopped by the night market and bought some locally made chocolate truffles.



And here are some of the sights on the way home.





What a wonderful evening!

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  1. Beautiful photos of the sights! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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