Never a dull moment…

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Two stories for today.

One is the story of relaxing on the front porch enjoying the sun a bit after work.


‘Nough said.

The other is the story of this morning, looking at the cherry tree in the backyard and realizing that all the movement I saw was NOT the wind.  I should mention ALSO noticing that it’s cloudy outside.  It hasn’t been cloudy outside for weeks!  Maybe it will rain.  Crap.  I shouldn’t have said that.  Now it won’t ever rain again…  But, I digress.  The tree was moving much more than the wind accounted for, which was when I realized that one of our local street raccoons was having breakfast.

I couldn’t get a great shot, being inside (my official excuse was that I didn’t want to scare little dude away.  My real excuse is that I was in my bathrobe with “just out of bed hair”, so no standing outside on the deck where neighbours can see me for me) with my iPhone, but here he is…hope he had a good munch (and I’m glad I spent some time the other day picking cherries for us!!)


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  1. I do believe that’s the first time I’ve seen the re-done verandah – and it looks SUPER !
    As for that appalling photo – you should be bloody ashamed, Em: you usually treat us to such good ones. Who would care about your being in a bathrobe, for heaven’s sake ? And if they do, give ’em the finger …

  2. Ha! This has to be the week for raccoons! Another blogger I followed had raccoon photos, I posted one this week, but yours is awake and eating! Mine was asleep. Hope yours didn’t do too much damage…

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