It’s been a long week

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt  (BTW, a measuring cup?  NOT an “ingredient” man…)

It has been a long week.  Not sure why.  There were the same number of days in it as other weeks.  Same number of hours too, although it for a couple of days, it seemed like there were more.

But, I did make it to Friday, and there are only 2 weeks and a bit before vacation starts.

So now, to celebrate Friday, here are some pictures from our backyard.

 Delphinium (a little on the heavy side)


Eggplant (a flower, and one ready to harvest)

June92015p June92015o

Cherries almost ready


Beets – getting there




If you look really close, you can see Ms. (Mr?) Hummingbird

June92015k June92015j

First dahlia bloom




Climbing hydrangea blooming





One final bloom from the I-don’t-remember-what-you’re-called flower.


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  1. The garden is looking super fine!

  2. I am S-O-O in love with your garden. Do you frequently use edible flowers?

  3. What a pleasure to share in your garden experience. Could you spare an ingredient for my recipe? See:

  4. Love your garden! 🙂

  5. This is such a beautiful garden!

  6. This is a beautiful garden, and I can empathize with the long week, long days, long hours.

  7. I love cherries. Are they hard to grow?

    • I don’t actually know. The cherry trees were here when we bought the house (and have been hear for a long time by the looks of them). They seem to do better in alternate years, but I don’t know a lot about them otherwise.

  8. EM !!! – this is FABULOUS ! You clever things (or is it just you?) !

    • Thanks! I can’t take credit for it all – Kevin waters and helps with the planning (and he is in charge of the bamboo). It’s definitely come a long way in the past year!

      • I felt sure it would be both of you – after all, you were siamese twins when it came to doing up the house !

  9. Such artistry in your photos. My hummingird comes to my red plastic feeder—ai need more colorful plants

    • Thanks so much. The hummers love our fushias (never could spell this right), but are wary of our fancy hummingbird feeders. I think I may switch to the simple plastic ones…

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