Pot(s) for everyone!

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/state-of-your-year/

So, yesterday was our Victoria Day holiday.  And we holiday’d it up by being lazy and sleeping in, and going nowhere until after 3:00pm (yes, missed the parade and any other celebrations which were probably taking place downtown – although, that’s probably for the best since there was also that official start of Tourist Season happening).  To be fair, we completed a few tasks – Kevin sanded down our deck table and chairs in preparation for staining them, and I did laundry and worked on my workshop presentations for this week at work.  But, other than that, lazy.

Around 3:30 or so we headed out to get some hanging pots for the deck.  An adventure!!  Of course, I saw many, many other things at the garden centre I wanted to buy, but I held back.  Mainly because we bought 3 hanging pots and that’s about all we can fit in the trunk of the car.  I’ll be back…

So, here are the deck hanging pots now…

Two on one side…




And one on the other, along with the 2 fushias we moved from the front porch.




But wait!  Th the front porch was now empty.  Can’t have that, so we walked to our local grocery story (right around the corner) and got 3 more pots for the porch.




And now, I can rest knowing that our hanging pot situation is well under control…

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  1. Those plants are gorgeous. It is such a beautiful setting for a deck. I used to love sitting on one of my patient’s decks and admire the flowers and plants his mother always had. She has such a green thumb. Completing projects, especially like yours, had to be quite satisfactory.

    • Thanks! It does feel good to have those hooks filled now. However, I never really feel my gardening projects are complete – I feel it for about a day, then think, oh, I should just get something to fill that hole, or that pot. Guess if one has to have an addiction, it’s not a bad one?

  2. All these plants look gorgeous!

  3. The pots are lovely. I just love flowers!

  4. Nice pictures 🙂
    P.s Sorry I mistakenly unfollowed you, haha. I re-followed you, hehe

  5. those are lovely

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