Party on dudes…

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

So, yesterday we got the tires on our car replaced.  As a result, we had over an hour to kill just on the edge of downtown.  AND it was lunchtime.  So, we decided to eat at Bin 4, a burger joint we hadn’t had a chance to try yet.


Here is what’s left of what the server brought when we sat down.  Peppery chips – I didn’t think about taking a picture until we were down to one (hey, we were hungry!)


I like a place that leave a huge bottle of water on the table!


I thought the salt and pepper shakers were kind of cool – we didn’t use them, but they had a neat shape.


And here was my lunch, and part of Kevin’s.  He had the wild mushroom burger (beef) on a lettuce stack, and I had the lamb burger on a GF bun.  He thought his was better, but I think he was wrong.  The fries were good too!


It’s my party man!

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  1. It takes too long to get car tires replaced! The place we went to was beside another car work / shop so we didn’t get to go anywhere. At least you got to a restaurant! (I’m a new follower, by the way. Hello!)

    – Romina

  2. Looks delicious!!😊
    *nom nom*

  3. Hi Akiraa – site’s still here. Not sure what you’re referring to…

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