Deja Vu all over again

In response to the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.

We just did a jealousy post on May 8th (it’s a “monster” now, not a “lady” I see…).  Didn’t play then, not gonna play now.

Instead, a few pictures from my walk yesterday (there are more to post another day – live in anticipation!)








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  1. Nice pictures. Beautiful weather we’ve been having 🙂

    • Thanks! It has been very nice, but my paranoid side wonders what’s to come. A horribly hot summer with little to no rain, or a deluge for June and July? Ah, weather…

  2. I know. Enough with the green prompts. Ugh. Great pictures btw. Walks are lovely.

  3. Beautiful pictures of flowers. Don’t blame you for not wanting to write a letter to someone you are jealous of. I am here today on the A to Z Road Trip. Hoping to see you around

  4. MOCH MOCH prefer your photos to any attempt to respond to silly ideas, Em !!!

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