In response to the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

It’s April 1st! Pull a fast one — publish a post that gently pranks your readers.

No pictures today.

April Fools!!  Sorry – didn’t mean to give you all heart attacks!

Here is what I saw on my walk today.  It was REALLY windy and I am still not skilled enough with the old point and shoot to take good pics in the wind.  Gotta work on that focusing technique.

Anyway, these are some new blossoms coming out now.  They are like really big fluffy cherry blossoms and are quite lovely:


Then it was up Mt. Tolmie again today, where much to my surprise, Camas lilies ( were everywhere!


Here is one with a bee.  I was SO disappointed.  I took about 15 pictures of this one with the bee, but I obviously couldn’t get my focusing right, between the bee flying, the wind blowing the camas around, and my lack of knowledge as to how to use my camera.  But you hopefully can get the idea here (sorry Susan – no better shot…  🙁 )


And other flowers too




And more leafs appearing


This, I saw after my other walk today (my other walk for the A to Z challenge, for the letter B which will be posted tomorrow sometime).  I just thought these were fun.


And finally, here are things in the backyard yesterday:

Cherry blossoms




Geraniums starting to come out


And it looks like some of my bees have hatched!  Don’t know where they are right now, but hopefully the rest will come out soon!!


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  1. I have such a hard time capturing bees, too. I can plainly see them, but I can’t capture them effectively in a photo.

    Love the A-Z preview!

  2. Wow, so glad I found your blog through the A to Z blog challenge. I love looking at photography of beautiful things, and your photos are lovely.

    I’m not the Susan you mentioned in your photo about bees, (obviously), but I am so wanting to keep bees. I look forward to learning more about your experience and enjoying your art this month.

    Welcome to the A to Z Challenge!

    • Wow – thanks so much for visiting and the wonderful compliments! I will definitely be letting everyone know how my foray into “bee keeping” goes 🙂

  3. It is really getting colorful and beautiful around your place…love all those shots. Purple is my favorite color and I really enjoyed all the purple you captured in these pics. The pink is very beautiful too. Thank you for sharing. Hugs

  4. Maybe when your mason bees hatch they will present some bee pic-taking opportunties!

  5. very cool set!

  6. I LOVE that photo up the top with the bee, Em – the tiny thing’s being blown to buggery ! 😀
    But I would be frightfully disappointed to find some of the cocoon thinggies gone and not have any idea of where the contents are …

    • That bee was determined. I tried for 2-3 minutes to take pictures of it, but none of them turned out. Sigh… I would also be disappointed, although my friend in bees and work colleague Susan promised to bring me some more cocoons if mine didn’t hatch. But it does look like they are getting there! I’ll have to post my readings on mason bees – very interesting stuff!

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