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(St.) Ann’s Academy

So, this year for the Blogging A to Z Challenge, I thought I would introduce you to some of the landmarks in my hood: Victoria, BC (Canada). And specifically, landmarks (buildings, parks, and other notable locations) located in or near downtown Victoria –  near to where I live (and to where I can walk, if I so choose).

Where do I live? Well, I live in an area of Victoria called James Bay which is close to the ocean (3 blocks) and close to downtown (5-10 minute walk, depending on how urgently you need to get down there).

This Challenge will be a mix of my own photos, a bit of information on the landmarks I am choosing to showcase, and some reference links to take you elsewhere on the Interwebs for further information, should you wish to find out more. Comments and questions are welcome, although I can’t guarantee I will have any (correct) answers for you.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!  As I said above, A is for (St.) Ann’s Academy.

St. Ann’s Academy was a convent and Catholic all-girls school here in Victoria that was built in over a stretch of time from 1870s to 1909.  Sadly, St. Ann’s also served as a residential school until the 1970s (http://www.stannsacademy.com/history_and_research/people/students/first_nations_students.php).

The Catholic Church does not own the building any more.  The school and convent closed in 1973, and it is now owned by the BC Government, was preserved and is run with an interpretive centre and inter-faith chapel inside (although most of the building is rented out).

Here are some pictures I took of St. Ann’s just yesterday on a short walk through the grounds (I did not go inside).  Note that I did NOT walk there from home, although I could have.  I instead stopped on my way home from work (it was actually on my way home too…and it was windy out…).  Just letting you know.  Anyway, here we go:

This is the view of the entrance as you walk into the grounds


And looking back to the street


Turn around for a closer look…


There are several plaques and information postings around the grounds










Lots of little things to see in the gardens




I’m not sure what this is…




Places to rest a bit


A couple of huge trees


And a grove of some kind – I think they have events (musical events, festivals, etc.) back here during the summer…


This is the view as I head back out…


It was a short visit, and someday I want to check out the interpretive centre (I confess, I didn’t even look to see if it was open after work on a Tuesday).  But it was the first time I had walked around the grounds!

Links to more information about St. Ann’s Academy:

Part of the April A to Z Challenge.


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  1. Love that huge tree. Looks like a nice place to walk around.

  2. Nice! and spring has sprung up your way. That huge tree looks like a grand thing to climb up and hide.

  3. Gorgeous photos – especially the giant tree! Thanks for sharing these today!

  4. Until this post, I had NO IDEA about what Canadians call “residential schools”, Em ! Seems that a long time ago, your lot did as badly as our lot. :/
    And I’m fascinated to learn that you actually live on an island !
    ALSO, that even though you’re on the other side of the country from Québec, you appear also to be bilingual !
    Crikey, I’ve learned a lot from this post …

    • Yes – and not that long ago, since the last residential school didn’t close until 1996. Pretty shameful. We have 2 official languages in Canada, although you don’t find many English/French bilingual folks on this side of the country. And you’re welcome! It’s nice to give back a bit about our country to folks who have taught me so much about theirs!

      • We are so often spoken of as being similar, you Canucks and we Aussies. No idea why, mind you ! 🙂 Surely it can’t be only that we both have MORONS for Prime Ministers …?

      • Oh lord, do we EVER have morons for PMs. And the sad truth is ours may likely get voted back in. Too many opposition parties to split the vote. What a cluster$%^#

  5. Beautiful building and the gardens look peaceful!

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