Blogging 101: Keep Personalizing

Today’s assignment: create and upload a simple header, background, or both. Already done? Try a custom widget.

Oh crap – this one is designed to challenge those of us who have already done all of the above. So, now what?

I have a header banner I like – it represents the blog title and inspiration. But a custom widget? Interesting. How are these different from the many widgets I already have. And apparently need to clean up. Wow, I should spend a bit of time cleaning those up.

Ok, let’s check out Widgets 101 ( and Widgets 201 ( .

Well, I have already know how to personalize widget titles – Check. Maybe I should get creative with a text widget? Sounds slightly naughty. Image options…ooooo…so much to play with, so little time today. It’s been a frantic day, and my book club is coming in 25 minutes to discuss Frog Music by Emma Donoghue ( . Can’t tell you what I thought of it now, as that’s against the rules of book club – don’t give away the discussion until you have it.

So, without further ado then, I am off having not completed yet another Blogging 101 challenge day. But I DID blog today!!

And now here’s a picture with a “pop of colour”, which is my 365 project topic of the day:


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  1. You remind me of me, when I was at school …

  2. That’s thing about these “ass-ignments”….do a custom widget, post a pop of color, do a banner, make your about page irresistable….say what? Irresistable? Sometimes, being a child of Woodstock and totally living the title Zombie Flamingos, forget the about page….I wonder sometimes if theses assignments are to make us more homogenous, more Freshly Pressed-able, more marketable, more, uh, whatever. I am what I call a drive by blogger. I post when and what I wish. I do not have 50,000 followers. I do not care. I do have people with whom I enjoy communicating with, learning from, sharing laughs. We sit on the virtual front porch of my blog in big old fashioned rockers and get to know each other, share recipes, stories. On my all poetry blog, i pour out my art and hopefully touch someone in a different way. When I was in school, i questioned everything. I still do. Folks who take these courses do so for a reason and they enjoy them. I don’t and thats why we have marmalade, grape jelly, and raspberry preserves. We’re sll different. I’M not sure where I was going with this. La lasciata will tell you I sometimes run off at the mouth. But with ir without the courses, I like your blog just fine. The title makes me smile and your gravatar is delightful.

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