Blogging 101: Make Your “About” Page Irresistible

Today’s assignment: create and publish your About page, and adapt it for a widget on your home page.

Well, I do have an About page, and it is linked at the top of my blog. So I think I’m done here. But wait – there are some questions posed as well in this challenge topic:

What are the key pieces of your story you included in the About widget? Why did you make those the focus, instead of all the other wonderful things about you and your blog?

Are there topics you don’t ever want to write about? Why not? What fact was hardest to leave off your About page or widget?

What are the top three things you’d like to learn, or ways you’d like to grow, from blogging? The top three people you’d like to connect with?

I could probably answer these…or maybe regret trying…

The key pieces I included in my About page?  Well…wait! I just noticed a typo on my About page! Good thing I had a quick look at it – all fixed. Anyway, I included some personal information and pictures of our cats. What more does any About page need? This is not a blog that is out to save the world (probably) or impart some vital information for all readers (definitely). It’s just my blog – with lots of pictures of our cats.

What topics would I not want to write about? Well, I try to stay away from politics. I have some pretty strong views, but I don’t need to post them in public.  I do, however, enjoy reading political topics posted by other bloggers – especially when they agree with my own.

I’m going to ignore the “hardest fact I left off” question. There isn’t room or a place for everything about me on the About page. And if I gave it up now, then it wouldn’t be left off now, would it.

The top three things I’d like to learn from blogging? There we go again with the posers. Is there anything really to be learned? I could be profound and say I want to learn something about myself, but I think I just want to see if I can actually blog and be consistent with it. I didn’t succeed as well as I’d hoped last year, but there is always this year!

But really, what is there to be learned from putting yourself out there for the world to see? I guess when I’ll learn it, I’ll know.

And now, January in Victoria:



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  1. Dear Em: could you please explain how come it is that January in YOUR Victoria looks even better than January in OUR Victoria ?

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