R is for…

r  Reading room

Otherwise known as our “den”.

The den is on the main floor next to the living room, and across the hallway from the dining room. I imagine when the house was built, a tea room or a smoking room or some such sitting room. We have installed in this room our bookshelves, and a few pieces of furniture, as well as our ex-feral cat Nicholas, who likes to keep to this room as much as possible, hiding behind and under the couch. Since Elliot has turned into a hate-on for Nicholas machine, Nico doesn’t venture out much except when Elliot is sacked out upstairs. Nico loves his other brothers. Maybe someday this shall pass…one can only hope.

Nico and Dexter

Enough of our dysfunctional family. Here is our den, aka reading room:

Here it was when we first took possession:

Den1  Den2

Den3  Den4


And here it is after we moved in:

Den6  Den7


And here it was after we unpacked

Den9  Den10


And here it is today after having the windows fixed

Den12  Den13

And the blinds installed


That’s it for the den, until we decide to paint.  It would have been nice to see this room, I think, with the original ceiling and hardwood.  The wood is painted now (the only room in the house that has its wood painted though) and there is a drop ceiling covering the original ceiling, which is the same as the ceiling in the foyer area.  So, perhaps one day the drop ceiling will go too.  Time will tell!

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  1. What a beautiful room! I would love to have a house with a reading room in it one day.

  2. That dressing table is glorious! I love old furnishings!

  3. I love the windows! I was imagining using that as a reading area. Just place some big pillows on the floor and settle down with a cup of tea. The room looks great though.

  4. With the AMAZING amount of work you and Kevin have undertaken already, I can easily see why the unimportant things get put on the back-burner. The room looks super, and I can’t see the ceiling. 😀

  5. You took a cold room and made it mighty friendly…a snuggy place to read.

  6. Poor Nico. My ex-feral Rossie has a similar problem with Lady. Since Lady was having problems with more and more of her siblings — real and formerly-feral, she has been prescribed Kitty Prozac and is doing much better with the stress of sharing her space.

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