P is for…

p  Pantry!

Already to “P” – can’t believe it! This means April is going to start the slide into May. Time just keeps marching on, doesn’t it?

Anyway, P for my theme is for Pantry, of which we have one. Except that when we bought the house (the B&B that had been empty for 10 years) it was a bedroom. When I look at it today, I don’t know how it was a bedroom, but here is a picture of it when it was.

Pantry1  Pantry2

We cleaned it out and ripped up the carpet and then refinished the floors.

Pantry3  Pantry4

Then we moved in


Then we emptied the room again and painted it. We still need to paint the ceiling and add an actual light fixture, but this room has been fabulous! Not a lot of closet/storage space on the main floor in this house, so having this set up as a pantry has been great.

Pantry6  Pantry7

Pantry8  Pantry9


This is what it looks like today:


The units on the left side of the room are from a hotel – old TV units they were selling. We bought 4, and then sold 1 again as we only needed 3. On the right, next to the window, is an old wardrobe that was in the house (and which doesn’t fit hangers of today). It’s our broom closet.  Then we have a table, which is really handy when getting things out and putting thing into the white cabinet which is the actual pantry for cans and stuff.  And then by the door is our old wardrobe with extra hubby coats in it. He has a lot of coats!  The cats (as you can see) like to hide under the wardrobe.

There is also a door on the left leading right into the dining room here, which is handy because the pantry, strangely enough 😉 is right off the kitchen. When it was a bedroom, this door was boarded up. Now we use it all the time to get quickly to the dining room from the kitchen. All in all, a nice space!

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  1. Dunno how on earth you manage to restrict your pantry goods to one cupboard, Em – but I congratulate you on it ! 😀
    Lui oftensticks his head RIGHT UNDER my pantry cupboard and stay there for ages !

  2. What a wonderful use for that room.

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