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o  Office

I’ve already talked a bit about the office on my blog, but I will do so again for the A-Z challenge today. As O is indeed for Office. Which used to be a bedroom, and what it was originally, probably a bedroom, but who knows for sure. What I do know for sure is that this was another bedroom that had wallpaper on it.

Office1  Office2

The difference between this room and the Master bedroom, was that this wallpaper was SUPER easy to strip – almost all of it came off with no soaking at all. I still had to wash the walls after as they were pretty gluey, but the wallpaper itself did come off really easily.

Office3  Office4


But, when I was taking the wallpaper off, what did I find on top of the picture rail, but a stencil. And it is possibly original to the house. At least that is what one person told us (an expert on Victorian wallpaper). So that was pretty cool.


Also, this is one of the few walls in the house that was still plaster. Some evidence of wallpaper from the past being painted over multiple times as well (like the hallway on the main floor) as well. So, there were a few holes that needed a bit of patching, but I didn’t do a lot as I didn’t want to knock things apart too much. As a result, the walls do look rough, but I like the look. I like it when things don’t look “perfect”! Reminds me of me.

Office8  Office7


And here it is after I finally painted it (still haven’t put the furniture back in it…sigh…)!


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  1. I loved reading about this room’s … development, Em ! If you don’t provide a photo of the completed office, there’ll be trouble ! 🙂

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