CY365: Friday, March 14 2014

CY365: March 13 2014

Today’s CY365 theme is “mark the spot”. I wasn’t really thinking of this though when I took pictures on my walk today, and I’m not sure I want to try to place this image into the context of the theme. Maybe I just need a day or two off from themes!! Anyway, I don’t know what this little house is, but it made me stop and shoot.

And for those of you who prefer your photos unedited (mostly), here it is!

CY365 March 13 2014 unedited

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  1. I think you do. I get so heartily sick of seeing posts that are ‘challenges; that I wish I hadn’t started one myself, and I shall be stopping it after this time ’round.
    Much better to post individual thoughts/reflections/whatever. But on the other hand, that makes me sound like a superior smug bastard. Sighh …

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