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Well, this will be a short post.  Nope.  Silly question.  Instead, let’s look at some pictures that I forgot about and that brought back some nice memories from a long time ago!

This is the house we owned in Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada).  We loved this house, but had to sell (2007) as we moved to Victoria.  The tree on the left is no longer there, I believe, but last we were there (a couple of years ago), the house looked much the same as this.

Princess Front

Here is the back of the house.  The big window on the left is the dining room window.

Princess Back

The house was built, I believe, in 1926 or a bit later perhaps – I can’t remember now.  I do remember being told that it was built by the person who lived in it – apparently, the story goes anyway, he built houses for a living and this was the one he built for himself.

Here is the backyard looking towards the garage, which apparently had some interesting things being grown in it (where the windows are at the top was a “greenhouse”) before we bought it.  Alas, nothing was left behind…

Princess Garage

A shady backyard, we couldn’t grow vegetables back there, but I did my best with shade plants and the flowers I could.  The lawn in back was pretty much a lost cause.  We should have had it re-done professionally, but never bothered.  I loved that backyard!

Here’s our little patio where we bbq’d all year round (except perhaps when it dipped below -35 C.)

Princess Patio

I don’t know how many pictures I have of the inside of the house; I’ll have to dig through old pictures to see what there is.  I suspect some are pre-digital photos and I’ll have to scan them in, and when I do, I’ll post those too!

And next time there’s a question I don’t want to answer for my daily “writing” post, I’ll find some pictures of the first house we lived in here in Victoria.

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  1. Easy to see why this house has a claim on your heart … And I totally agree with your attitude to silly questions. So tell me: how do you feel about a cauliflower bouquet for a bride …? [grin]

  2. Only if there’s dip!

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