Running for Bacon: Week 2

Here we are – Week 2.  It started out as a rainy week, but since I was working at home this week, I was able to go out earlier, which meant running in daylight!  Which also meant I could take my camera again and stop for photo ops.  Did I mention I stop for photo ops?  Well, I do, which sometimes means my time looks even slower than it actually is (I am slow like slug, after all).  My CY365 photos on running days this week were photo ops.  So here’s the breakdown for this week:

Monday, January 13

I only stopped for photos at the end of the run, but found some cool trees!


Tuesday, January 14


I stopped a few times on this run, mainly because it was finally sunny!  I tried to keep it to the walk breaks, but you can’t always control when the photo op crops up.

Thursday, January 16


This one was longer, and I only stopped a couple of times for some photo ops.  It was another beautiful running day – a bit chillier perhaps, but still sunny!  I don’t know why the app keeps getting the time wrong.  All of my runs this week were between 2:00 and 3:00 pm NOT after 10:00 pm!!

Saturday, January 18 – the “long” run


I know, I know.  It wasn’t my longest distance for the week because my earlier runs were longer in time, but believe me, this will change as the weeks go on, so I’m not worried.  It was a nice day and a nice run so no complaints here!  And now, a day off before I begin week 3 of Running for Bacon.

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