CY365: Saturday, January 18 2014

So, today’s CY365 theme is “pose”, and this had me for awhile.  There are 2 things I like to avoid as a “photographer” – one is taking pictures of people.  I don’t know why I don’t like taking pictures of people. Maybe it’s because I don’t like having pictures taken of myself, or maybe it’s just the whole getting people to pose, and no one is ever happy with pictures taken of them.  Don’t know, but that’s one.  The second is posing things.  I like to take pictures of things on the go, or as I find them.  I definitely understand the point of taking the time and setting objects up with the best background, the best lighting, etc., but that’s just something I need to work out.  So, a theme like “post” threatened my comfort zone.

So, how did I handle it, you may ask.  Well, I decided to stretch the meaning of “pose” when I saw these little guys on my run today, popping out and posing in the late afternoon sun.  I’ll pose some interesting items sometime, but not today!

CY365 January 18 2014

CY365 January 18b 2014

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