November Poem a Day (PAD) Challenge 2023: Day 17

Hi everyone.

This November I will be presenting to you a month of daily poems as memoir, little ditties to tell you about my day or my thoughts during the day, whatever.  Of course I hope you enjoy them, but it’s ok if you don’t.  Just move on to the next blog in your list.

Day seventeen is: “For today’s prompt, write a refresh poem. A person might refresh their browser, or give their home decor a little refresh. Lemonade on a hot summer’s day could be refreshing. And well, a positive news story is refreshing as well. Poems, of course, are refreshing too.”

If only it were that simple

All I need
to refresh

is an end to the week,
a glass of wine,
and a kitten
on my lap

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  1. Your wish is granted. Happy Friday! 😻🍷

  2. My week end’s on Wednesday. I love Wednesdays.

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