2023 365: Day 314 (November 10)

This year, another new set of prompts that I will hopefully follow better for 2023!

Today’s prompt is “Door wreath”

Have you figured out I am doing December prompts in November?  I did…just now!

Time to ignore prompts.

It started out as a good week as I was in an amazing virtual conference, ended on a crappy note as we found out our VP left the college abruptly yesterday with no explanation from the powers that be as to why. She has been enormously supportive to my work and the work of my team over the past couple of years and given that we lost our director last March in a similar manner (we have a new director now and of course now we are wondering how long she may last – she is good, so we are double worried) I am feeling pretty upset with my institutional leadership right now. Whatever. Here is Elliot looking comfy and almost like he is wearing a crown of fire.

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  1. The office politics I do not miss. Fingers crossed for the new director.

  2. A fierce look for Elliot. Hope things will turn out ok at work.

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