November Poem a Day (PAD) Challenge 2023: Day 5

Hi everyone.

This November I will be presenting to you a month of daily poems as memoir, little ditties to tell you about my day or my thoughts during the day, whatever.  Of course I hope you enjoy them, but it’s ok if you don’t.  Just move on to the next blog in your list.

Day five is: “For today’s prompt, write a book-based poem. The poem could be focused on the actual story of a book or be written from the perspective of a character. Or any other interpretation you can devise.”


What happened to piles of books
on bedside tables
overflowing onto
floor flooding
onto carpet under

What happened to shelves of books
lining walls
towering above
facing like paintings
blending on beckoning spines

What happened is progress
piles of books becoming
lists in readers
emulated in
electronic formats

You can read at night
without a light
until, at
electricity goes out
and your battery

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  1. So true! I guess I have a blend of both kinds – bookshelves overflowing, and lots of books on my Kindle. 🙂

  2. I still read my books in print. But still, I ask myself what happens to all the books lining my shelves when I’m not reading them… do they have their own adventures ?

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