Tuesday Tales

Let’s try some poetry – be kind, I really new at this!

At a couple of my poetry webinars we also did waterfall poems, where you listen to someone else’s poem being read (or it could work with any text) and just write down words that strike you and then you have your own poem!

Results are variable, but always kind of fun!

Out of Scope: Written while listening to Barbara Guest: The Turler Losses

Leaf sun diary shadow
Motion curls over a birthday
Death closing in.

Falling sands pause,
Bird without rhythm.
Then love, danger.

Worn clasps, gallows,
Drops like an egg
Flashes in moonlight.

Less isn’t so important.

Blue day in the pool
Tricked by fog.

Depth and splash,
Balconies and pottery flowers.
Later there’ll be time
Content alert!

Loss is tomato, marble paired from the round
Waiting for balance.

Boulders columns shadows forests sky
Etching the way.

Door sways,
Like one tickles breeze on the lamp

Light dims,
Highway passes moments on the stairs while waiting.

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  1. Another interesting exercise. It brings interesting associations. I enjoy the result. 🙂 Thanks for sharing !

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