Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #269: On the Edge

Welcome to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge!  The theme for this week’s Challenge is On the Edge.

“This week the Lens-Artists are heading in a new direction. We’re exploring “the edges.” What have you captured “On the Edge” of buildings, cliffs, rivers, beaches, tables, shelves, your finger, or your dinner plate? Feel free to use any kind of edge you can think of. You can also take the theme sideways…veering off into another meaning of “on the edge.” Think of “unconventional” or “edgy” or “avant garde.” ”

Are these photos on the edge?

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  1. Yes they are edgy! What are they?!?!

  2. Wonderful! Edgy edges!

  3. Patti said it perfectly!!

  4. Abstracts. yes. Edgy and creative.

  5. Absolutely! Love the creativity 🙂

  6. Creative!

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