Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #265: Black and White or Monochrome

Welcome to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge!  The theme for this week’s Challenge is Black and White or Monochrome.

“Are you ready to show off your black and white or monochrome images? I’d like to see them. Did you shoot them in color and how did you process them? When you post, remember to link to this post and use the Lens-Artists tag so we can find your wonderful images.”

Oh, Black & White is my favourite!  These are only a very few recent ones…

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  1. I especially love the extra layer of black and white reflected in the building’s windows–it somehow seems to add movement to what stands solidly still

  2. Great post! I especially like the table, chairs and window. Nice shadowing.

  3. Excellent. At first I thought the umbrella was some ethereal being. 😱

  4. I love the table and chairs. A timelessness.

  5. Especially loved the table scene – the lighting is wonderful!

  6. I love the drama monochrome created in the photo of the table and chairs!

  7. The table has got it…and the windows are well caught!

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