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Continuing on with my life in drafts.

This week in class, after starting with a warmup where we wrote for 7 minutes, then had one minute and 45 seconds to rewrite the piece, then a short time to take the first and last sentences and one middle sentence from the original piece trust me, this last exercise was tough!) we moved on to a new exercise.

We used Chat to brainstorm words beginning with A and then with B.  For each letter, we picked a word that resonated and had five minutes to write a piece.  One with A, then one with B. Then we worked in pairs to read our pieces and for the other person to find connections between them.  It was kind of interesting as mine were both about mundane home events, with dialogue and interaction, and I would also say about food in some way.  Ok, my words were Avocado and BBQ.

Anyhoo…I present for you here: Avocado.

“Do we have an avocado for dinner?”

“I think so, let’s see.  We have two here…”

Now, I think to myself, what are the chances that one of those avocados is at the right stage of ripeness for us to enjoy with our dinner.

“Crap, this one is mushy.” I mutter, getting sideways glances from Kevin.

I am betting when I open it up it will be black, or black spotted, in which case I could carve around said black spots for the edible bits.

The other one feels firmer, I think. Do I take a chance on it?

If I open the mushy one and it is no good, I at least can move on…I feel like there is a life lesson here.  But I am not sure what it is.

“So, do we have an avocado for dinner?”

Or is it Schrodinger’s avocado, I think to myself feeling smart and smug, both mushy and firm at the same time?

“Yes, we do!”

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  1. I love this! I always feel like I’m playing Russian Roulette with avocados. **maybe we’ll have avocado tonight. maybe**

  2. haha This is funny! But so true about those mysterious avocados. You just never know if they are good or bad. 🙂

  3. Avocado, BBQ … methinks someone was hungry while in writing class! As re the avocado … they have such a short time between too hard and too mushy … but you can always make guacamole!

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