Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #261 – Work in Progress

Welcome to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge!  The theme for this week’s Challenge is Work in Progress.

“If you think about it, everything is a work in progress, isn’t it? So, this should be a challenge open to endless possibilities – I can’t wait to see what YOU think when you hear this phrase. Here are some things I came to think of – hopefully they will help refreshing your thinking cap…Everybody’s a work in progress. I’m a work in progress. I mean, I’ve never arrived. I’m still learning all the time. – Renée Fleming”

The work in progress that is the transition from door to nowhere to amazing stained glass…not done yet, but close!

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  1. The stained glass window at the end of the hallway is a delight!Worth all the work imho.

  2. That is a beautiful idea for the spot.

  3. Beautiful! Definitely worth the work.

  4. Now that is a beautiful work in progress – hopefully the cat liked it too!

  5. Wow! GREAT transition!!

  6. A fantastic work of art/ progress. I love the kitty photo and the final peek. What a great idea for the theme.

  7. A beautiful transition and perfect for the week’s challenge!

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