Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #258: Fences

Welcome to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge!  The theme for this week’s Challenge is Fences.

“First I would like to thank the LAPC group for inviting me to host this week. I’ve been blogging for twelve years, so I have lots of images in my archives but I am going to try to keep it fresh today. So here goes…a post about fences. I think any person with a photographer’s eye is drawn to fences. Leading lines are a favorite composition technique that uses, in this case, a fence, to draw the eye to a focal point, usually the horizon, in the image.”

Shadow fences.

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  1. Excellent geometry!

  2. Very smart 🙂

  3. Loved the many lines and shapes in the second image especially.

  4. Creativity at its finest!

  5. I like the checkerboard shadow, that’s pretty cool.

  6. These are fun!


  7. Love this idea!
    Excellent clicks!

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