2023 365: Day 87 (March 28)

This year, another new set of prompts that I will hopefully follow better for 2023!

Today’s prompt is “Triangle”

 I’m finally back posting my 365 project. I have been taking pictures every day, but the dismissal of our new director at work for no reason has taken its toll on me and my unit, so I have been just getting through the days with the bare minimum effort lately. But, this picture gives you an idea of what helps me get through the day. Note there is not anything triangle about this…

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  1. So sweet.
    Reading things like this makes me realize how office politics were the #1 spirit killer at work. And heaven forbid ‘they’ give us a little insight into what in the heck is going on.

    • It’s all “confidential”…

      • Oh, right. So much better to have tongues wagging than to outright let everyone know exactly what went on.
        At my exit interview, when I retired, I did mention this to HR and she was all onboard. A month after I left, she was let go in a company-wide downsizing.

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