Share Your World – February 27, 2023

From fellow blogger Pensivity101Welcome to Share your World which I intend to continue to host in Melanie’s memory.
I considered her a personal friend and know how much pleasure she got from writing these posts. She was very popular and like so many other bloggers, I shall miss her wit and presence .
”  We will miss Melanie.

And now for this week’s Share Your World

Did you attend Sunday School at your local church as a child?

Depends on what you mean by “local”. It was in our city and I did attend but I don’t think it took.

 Did you attend after school classes ie. drama, sports, as a teenager?

Did I? Oh, probably. Definitely not sports though…perish the thought.

 Did you go to evening classes after you had left school?

Music music music – piano, flute, voice. Oh, and I guess ballet and what else? Choir at one point. But no sports. Continuing to perish that there thought.

 Do you now belong to any groups/meetings (ie WI, single (not dating), young Mums, slimming clubs, young wives,  Men’s hobbies )

I don’t know any of these things mentioned here. I belong to our local camera club and attend presentations and workshops online (I could go in person, but who wants to go out and do things at night if you don’t have to?). Plus, these guys might object.

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  1. Love the kitties. Thanks for playing along.

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