Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #237 – Bringing softness.

Welcome to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge!  The theme for this week’s Challenge is Bringing softness..

“For this weeks’ challenge, show us how you soften your images. You don’t have to stick to flowers, landscapes and architecture are also ideal subjects. By lowering the clarity and creating softness in those areas frames the subject in an image, be it a tree, path, bridge, even a door or house or just a dreamy looking image. ”

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  1. As a long-distance bus traveler passes through yet-another downtown, they wonder about who walks its streets in better weather…

  2. Ohh….I love this. Very mysterious and intriguing.

  3. Great example. There is a calm in the drops of rain to begin with. The photo brings even more mood, softness.

  4. I like the mystery vibe

  5. You’ve captured those raindrops beautifully xx

  6. I love rainy images and this one is no exception! Beautiful capture.

  7. Beautiful – I love rainy windows. The soft blur and the knowledge I am sitting in a warm and dry place.

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