Share Your World – February 13, 2023

From fellow blogger Pensivity101Welcome to Share your World which I intend to continue to host in Melanie’s memory.
I considered her a personal friend and know how much pleasure she got from writing these posts. She was very popular and like so many other bloggers, I shall miss her wit and presence .
”  We will miss Melanie.

And now for this week’s Share Your World

If you could rename yourself, what name would you choose and why?

The great and powerful M.

If you were tasked with naming a new star, what would you name it and why?

Fred. Do I really need to say why?

If you were a story/comic book hero, what would your name be and why?

Don’t I need to know what my superpower is first? And that is too much for me to consider at the end of a long work day.

If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?

The ones who won’t sit still for a picture. 

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  1. Thanks for joining in. Loved #4. A cat by any chance?

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