Just Jot it January, 2023: January 5

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 5, 2023, is Cancer.

Well, that is a hard topic to talk about.  Maybe I’ll keep it short. I have friends and family who have had cancer, and fortunately many of them are still with us.  But this summer, we lost our beloved Jasper to cancer, and we still remember him.  What was so touching was that we had friends visit us in July with their three boys, and they met our kitties, including Jasper who was beginning to show signs of severe illness at that time.  We let them know about Jasper’s passing in September, and one of the boys did the Terry Fox run in his community and decided to do the run in Jasper’s name.

Here is our Jasper in better days.

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  1. Jasper looked so much like our Pandi, who is also dying of cancer and I shall write her story someday, for it is a different one than our other kitties. I still think of Jasper every time I see your kitten posts.

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