Tourmaline’s Halloween Challenge 2022 – Treat

An October challenge from Tourmaline.  A Hallowe’en challenge!  “Each day in October there will be a new prompt. Share a picture, write a poem, write a blog about your day, anything along the lines of the theme will do!'”

Today, October 5, the theme is Treat.

It’s both a treat to have new kittens around, and exhausting.

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  1. What’s the interaction like between the little kitties and Nico?

    • Nico I don’t think has really noticed them yet. He stays in his room and they come in and out but don’t notice him hiding…it’s a strange thing.

      • Nico sounds like my Nugget–the last of the outdoor cats that came inside. She either sits on the bedroom windowsill or goes under the bed. The other cats come looking for her and go straight under the bed. So weird

  2. That picture is adorable.

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