Kitten Thursday

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  1. How’s the little guy doing?

  2. I can’t seem to comment directly on your posts anymore. Anyway, I wish him the best and hope he feels better soon. He’s still adorable!

    • Weird. Don’t think I’ve changed anything and I didn’t have to “approve” your comment. Thanks…we are off to the vet again today to see if we can adjust his meds until he can get his dental surgery…

      • I dunno, but for about a month now, when I try to comment, nothing happens. I managed this one through a circuitous route … I’m a stubborn wench and where there’s a will, there’s a way! How did the vet visit go?

      • Well, Jasper is on new pain meds (transdermal), they gave him a long-term shot of antibiotics so at least it’s less stressful for him (and me) to give him meds (no grabbing him and tossing things down his throat hoping he will swallow it). His mouth is still bothering him, but I hope that gets better as the pain meds really kick in. And his dental surgery consult was moved up to this coming Wednesday, so that is really good. Of course it would help if dad also hadn’t ended up in the hospital yesterday morning as well. This has been one bitch of a vacation.

      • Oh my goodness!!! When it rains, it pours, yes? Well, I hope the meds help Jasper and that the surgery is successful! What is wrong with your dad? Nothing too serious, I hope? Hugs, my friend!

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