Countdown to Christmas Challenge – Day 10

Each day in December, up til Christmas, I will be posting something I like, with the overarching theme of Christmas!

Today, … well, first, sorry I missed yesterday.  Elliot continues to not want to eat and I continue to worry endlessly.  Back to the vet today I hope…

And now, the original…from Holiday Inn!


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  1. Elliot–come on, little buddy. You need to eat.

  2. Sorry Elliot is not feeling well. Hope the vet can help. It’s impossible to not worry about our fur kids. <3

    • We now know, almost 100% sure, Elliot has pancreatitis, which explains everything and he has meds now and is eating again. Here’s hoping the getting better trend continues!

  3. A beautiful classic. Hope Elliot is back to feeling like his ol’ self again.

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