2021 Daily Writing Challenge: December 1

And now, from Jo Hawk, the 2021 Daily Writing Challenge, for December 1!

A new month, a new try, a new kick at the can for writing here every day.  Here is my writing assignment from my writing class which is almost done … where does the time go?  This is a Reverse Chronology assignment.  I wonder if any of this sounds familiar to anyone out there?


I am, as I have been for the past 3 months, sitting in the dark in my office, door closed, mask at the ready.  I only leave to use the washroom – no in-person meetings for me. Everything I do is virtual now which works much better for me and for the people I support. Maybe next term my institution will join the rest of the 21st century post-COVID world and allow us to work remotely when it makes sense (which for me is all the time now!)

October 2021

My boss’s boss tells us there will be no working remotely without special circumstances because we work in “service” units.  I wonder if she knows what I do, what service I provide, and how it works best for me to provide those services (virtually)?  Does it matter, or does she just want to exercise her control by forcing us to remain in-person as if that guarantees we are doing our jobs?  As if we didn’t all do our jobs 2000% over COVID.  At least Delta forced our government to return the mask mandates for indoor spaces so I don’t have to feel completely at risk around other people all day.

August 23, 2021

Today I returned to my in-person office, and today there are no mask mandates in our province which makes me very uncomfortable since my office is in the library, within an open office space.  I will keep my door closed, since no one needs to see me in person anyway (but it was SO important we return to campus), but every time I need to leave to use the washroom I have to walk past folks in our open office, and then past students in the library none of whom continue the mask-wearing I myself have kept up in spite of rule relaxation.

March 2021

Has it been a year already?  Wow.  Working from home now feels normal and smooth – it’s like I’ve always worked remotely and delivered all my workshops virtually.  Why did we not do this before?  But now there is talk of going back to in-person teaching full bore in the fall.  Have we learned nothing about the possibilities?  I am NOT looking forward to fall.

September 2020

There is a rhythm to the madness now, and things are feeling smoother for me after having a nice long break from work (stay-cations are very interesting when you work from home…just make sure you stay out of your remote office!)  Meetings are still constant this term, but they don’t feel so endlessly depressing and exhausting.

June 2020

I have never worked so hard in all my life over the past few months – 10, 12, and sometimes 16 hour days. I can’t seem to catch my breath. But at least I am one of the lucky ones with a clearly defined home office space and a good internet connection right next to my laptop.

March 18, 2020

Today I came to work freaking out. Why are there so many people here in the library?  Why are we still here?  It’s fucking dangerous man.  I come into our office space, and everyone is standing around in the same state of mind.  Worried, frantic, exhausted from not sleeping.  I don’t know how we made it through the day, but by lunchtime, we were all told to work from home starting the next day.  Loading up laptop and monitor and other assorted equipment for transporting home never felt so good, but I have no idea what we are in for, or how long we will be in for it!

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