Photography Class Assignments Fall 2021: Week 2

Ok, I need someplace to post my photography and writing for my classes.  I continually take these classes, and then the work vanishes without a trace into the online homework systems, but why shouldn’t all of you get to see, or read, what I am doing too?? 🙂

So, let’s start with my photography class this fall.  It’s called the 8-Week Camera Club, and this is the fifth time they’ve offered it.  The focus and topics change every iteration (I took it in version 3 as well) and this time around the focus is Word on the Street – one word themes, photographing things for what else they are!

I should not that this course used to be in-person until last fall, for reasons you can probably guess.  The last time I took it I was there in person in the god-awful most uncomfortable chairs imaginable, so I am VERY happy to be taking this from home now (not to mention I don’t have to drive in the dark and the cold and the rain to get to and from class).  I hope it stays online forever!

Anyway, the first assignment for Week 2 of the class was Linear.  So, here is my image from this week’s class, entitled “Age Lines”.

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